Bookkeeping can not only be easy — it can be fun.

Even if you're not a numbers person!

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The spreadsheet that calculates your monthly profits and other powerful insights without you having to do any math at all.

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The Small Biz Starter Kit allows you to effortlessly see, and thus increase, your profits

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"Increased my profits by making good decisions based on real numbers"

I use this for both my businesses. It is so simple to use and has enabled me to really understand the financial position of my businesses. I can clearly see where I spend my money and how I make my money. I have been able to increase my profits by making good investment decisions based on real numbers.

— Helen


"When tax time came, my accountant was impressed"

It has helped me keep organized and see an overview of my biz financial records at a glance. I now have everything organized and summarized without tedious data entry. When tax time came this year, I had everything ready for my accountant. She was impressed with your system.

— Mary

Over 300 people have bought this kit...

...and they absolutely rave about it.

It has eliminated the guess work and has made bookkeeping for my business not only easy but enjoyable. With this starter kit, I don't avoid doing my bookkeeping anymore. It has made such difference. — Amanda

The ease of use and the ability to stay on top of your finances is worth every penny. It's helped me feel more confident in my business in both what I'm earning and spending. — Courtney

It transformed my bookkeeping and made tax time a breeze! — Ash

This is a no-brainer if you want a simple, effective tool to manage your books without feeling overwhelmed — Mary

The Small Biz Starter Kit has been so useful and helpful! I've gone from NO tracking to detailed tracking. — April

3 tools to help you keep track of your numbers

Continuously increase your profits, log your miles on the go, and never miss a tax deadline


Profit & Loss Spreadsheet

Spares you the cost and complexity of subscription based bookkeeping software. Calculate your monthly, quarterly, and annual profit and loss & point out ways to increase profit without doing any math at all.


Mileage Log

Without the monthly app fee. Track your business miles in real time so you can deduct them come tax time.


Tax Deadline Calendar

So you never miss a deadline and avoid getting hit with penalties and interest.

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"Saves time and makes tracking sales fun!"

10/10 would recommend! This investment saves time and makes tracking sales fun. If I tried to make a spreadsheet on my own, it would've taken so much time and effort and it wouldn't even compare to the profit/loss spreadsheet's capabilities.

— Kathryn


"A game-changer for my business"

I LOVE that the different categories are automatically calculated for me. I can see what offers are my biggest money-makers (and which are not!), as well as where I'm spending the most in. I actually make it a game now to open it daily and have fun adding income in there. This has been a game-changer for my business!

— Dawn


"Greater revenue after just one month!"

Made it SO easy to keep up with revenue and expenses every week. It gave me visibility into where my money is going and allows me to cut expenses (leading to greater revenue) after just one month. It also shows me which offers are generating most profit so I can make smart decisions on where to spend time and marketing dollars.

— Megan

Want more proof?

It helped me actually visualize the percentages of profit versus loss, and keeps me on budget when purchasing supplies. I absolutely love how it tells you what to save for taxes. Such a life saver! — Idika

I went from frantic about balancing my books and the money side of my business to now I feel confident in what's going on with my numbers! It's given me peace! — Danielle

When tax season came around, I had everything organized! — Kelly

I feel so capable and organized now! — Honorée

The Profit & Loss Spreadsheet does the math for me and highlights strengths and areas of improvement in my business. — Kathryn

The Profit & Loss Spreadsheet does the math for me and highlights strengths and areas of improvement in my business. — Kathryn

Buy Now for $197

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